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Our Products

Research & Development is at the core of what we do. Our product portfolio is growing with products that were developed to innovatively solve relevant human problems.


My Service Agent

A smart IVR system

The Product

MyServiceAgent is an Smart IVR that communicates with your customers to address their concerns, inform them on amazing offers, and collect information, while maintaining an excellent customer experience journey.

This solution is geared to creatively help your customers navigate any issues they might have and solve them without having to engage a human support staff. The MSA experience is tailored to be as empathic and engaging as a customer will have with human support


iQube Tech Training

At iQubett we offer you the best training experience.

The Product

Our training takes a hands on approach where tutors will guide you through every stage of learning and skill acquisition exposing you to practical projects.

Our teachers are specialists with deep understanding and experience in diverse fields of technology. We have a community of techies who are approachable and always willing to share ideas and tackle problems.