How a Smart IVR Reduces Call Center Operation Costs and Improves Customer Success Experience

Amplifying Human Potential with Artificial Intelligence

Ask yourself this: how many companies can boast of answering ALL customer calls daily? You’ll often discover that regardless of the number of customer agents a company boasts of, they still find it challenging to attend to every customer. 

And once customers are unable to get through the company, the company’s image suffers. And you can trust 21st-century customers to disclose this incident to the Internet.

Round the globe, customer success managers are stuck in a cycle! Top executives are bearing down on them with the pressure to cut down operation costs. And they have to find a way to do so without sacrificing customer satisfaction. 

Thankfully, advances in technology have provided an efficient solution to this dilemma. In comes the Smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, My Service Agent (MSA) This is cost-effective automation that can increase customer success productivity and sales of a company. 

Not Convinced? Let’s discuss some factors which prove how this IVR is the solution your company has been looking for

IVR over Live Agents

An IVR system benefits both your business and customers in several ways. Gone are the days when contact centers were overwhelmed with basic and routine questions!

Modern companies have realized that an IVR can serve as the first response line of the company, responding to these queries intelligently. 

Do you realize the impact of this? 

The IVR simplifies call operations by freeing up agents to handle tougher questions and more complex conflicts. But even beyond this, it saves the company money as they no longer have to pay employees for services that the IVR is taking care of smartly.

Targeted Call Routing

For very complex call scenarios where a human agent is needed,  the IVR menu is designed to automatically route the caller to the personnel most appropriate to handle the call. 

The norm in most traditional companies is to put the caller through to the first agent available. But this is simply not efficient enough! 

Most often, the first agent is unable to respond to the situation and will then have to put the customer’s call on hold while searching for an agent who can help. 

This leads to a lengthy period that will only serve to increase call operation costs. Even more damaging, the customer gets frustrated and ends the call, leaving with an impression of company inefficiency.

Zero Dropped Calls

When there’s an increase in the number of customers calling your contact center, agents begin to record dropped calls more frequently. Your next approach shouldn’t be to hire more agents. Rather, your focus should be on automating most of the contact center routine processes with an IVR system that can brilliantly handle 100s to 1000s of calls simultaneously. 

With the speech-enabled MSA, customers have the privilege of getting information about products and carrying out transactions. They get to do these without interacting with a live agent

Connect With Customers Immediately

Your customers deserve a custom IVR that serves them based on needs, what it knows about customers in terms of their identity and previous transactions with the company. 

The AI-based MSA achieves this by connecting with the CRM which stores the existing customers’ details. 

What’s more, the IVR can also be designed to recognize high-profile clients and connect them directly with the most appropriate agents.

No Live Agents, No Worries

How do customers get in touch with your company for their pressing needs when the office closes for the day? MSA comes in really handy for companies after office hours or on holidays when there are no agents available. Thus,  preventing organisations from having to pay money for overtime. 

For instance, a bank customer should still be able to make account inquiries even during holidays and non-operational hours of the day. 

For any business looking to reduce call center operation costs and still satisfy customers, feel free to contact the MSA product team  today for a free demo on transforming your contact centre!